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Lincoln Elementary Disciplinary

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Lincoln Elementary Disciplinary Point System

"The Teacher of a child attending a public school shall have the same rights as a parent to control and discipline such a child during the time the child is in attendance or in transition to the school or classroom presided over by the teacher." (Article VI, Section 114, School Laws of Oklahoma.)

The discipline scale will guide disciplinary action. All final disciplinary action will be decided upon by the administration according to board policy. Administrator's discretion will be used according to the age and development of the student as well as consideration of IEP’s. Points on the discipline scale will accumulate from start to finish of the current school year. Students can reduce or eliminate consequence points according to the following schedule (minor office referrals fall under Levels 1-4, major office referrals fall under Levels 5-10): Habit One: Be Proactive. We believe we should all take responsibility for our actions regardless of circumstance.



Level Ten

90 points

Guns, arson, bomb threat, physical battery, intention to inflict pain or great bodily injury against school personnel and/or students.

Maximum suspension allowed by law. Police intervention.

Level Nine

75 points

Weapons, drugs, or substances portrayed to be drugs or paraphernalia. Violation of prescription/non-prescription medication policy. Assault with intent to inflict bodily injury, threatening behavior toward a school employee or another student (written, verbal, or physical), extortion, false fire alarms, possession of a caustic substance.

Long term to maximum suspension allowed by law: current and succeeding semesters. Police intervention.

Level Eight

45 points

Graffiti, false calls, forgery, plagiarism, falsifying records, computer/internet misconduct, major bus misconduct after multiple behavior interventions and calls home to parents.


Major theft or vandalism (with restitution). Major is anything over $50.00 in value. In possession of or under the influence of alcohol.

Short term suspension to long term suspension. Long term suspension is eleven (11) or more days. Possible law enforcement involvement.

Level Seven

30 points

Harassment, commonly understood to convey hatred, contempt, or prejudice or to have the effect of insulting or stigmatizing an individual on the basis of race, sex, creed, color, national origin, religion, marital status, or disability (verbal, electronic, or physical)

Defiance of authority, indecent exposure, intimate acts, pornography, possession/use of fireworks, explosives, or air horns, destruction of school property

Short term suspension, two (2) to ten (10) days. Possible law enforcement involvement.

Level Six

25 points

Possession/use of tobacco or other tobacco products, vapes, matches, or lighters. Indecent material. Minor theft or vandalism (with restitution). Minor refers to anything under $50.00 in value.

Assignment to detention on a sliding scale depending on the severity and/or the number of the number of times the offense has been committed. Short term suspension, three (3) to ten (10) days, depending on the severity and/or the number of times the offense has been committed.




Level Five

20 points

Fighting, hitting, kicking, pushing, biting, or any other physical act used with the intention to inflict pain or cause bodily injury, whether initiated or in retaliation.


Intimidation or threatening behavior toward another student, including, but not limited to graphic/inappropriate videos on electronic devices, gambling, gross behavior, and disrespect or insubordination to a faculty member.

Assignment to in school detention or suspension on a sliding scale, possible law enforcement involvement.

Level Four

15 points

Jeopardizing the safety of others, leaving school grounds without permission, lying, or repeated violations of school rules/policies after multiple consequences given. Inappropriate bus contact, missing detention.

Three (3) detentions for each offense. One (1) to five (5) days of detention. For major bus misconduct, bus suspension will be assigned based on severity of incident.


Level Three

10 points

Disorderly conduct, repeated dress code violations, cheating, belittling remarks,  bullying, inappropriate cafeteria behavior, profanity, vulgarity.


One (1) to three (3)  detentions assigned according to severity and/or the number of times the offense has been committed. Possible removal from bus, short term suspension.

Level Two

5 points

Disruption of school, class, halls, or assemblies, inappropriate behavior or gestures, spitting, usage of electronic devices such as cell phones, smart watches.Refusal to follow staff member directives, misuse of wheelies or any other behavior that disrupts the learning environment.


After classroom management techniques, One to five (1-5) Lunch Detentions and/or structured days, One (1) after school detention may be assigned.

Level One

1-4 points (possible)

Offenses that are not disruptive to the learning process: sleeping, not doing classwork, violating dress code. A referral to the office will occur after the teacher has exhausted all classroom management steps.


Classroom management techniques: Teacher/Student conference, parent contact, short time out, parent/teacher conference, teacher assigned classroom detention, and other techniques. Detention or structured day is possible if violations persist.



20  minutes of community service    -5 points                                      

Participation in approved restorative practice lesson   -5 points

Minor/Major referral-   free for 15 school days-10 points

Minor/Major referral-   free for 25 school days-20 points

Minor/Major referral-   free for 30 school days-30 points


Students with less than 10 points at the end of each quarter will be allowed to participate in the quarterly incentive.



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